Monday, August 24, 2009

8/24/09 with DJ Lokae and Joe Mousepad

Download the show here:

Bodycode / Hyperlight / Immune


Badmammal / Charged / Album 3
PSA (@:17 in)

DJ Lokae & Joe Mouspad LIVE in the cafe!

Monday, August 17, 2009

8/17/09 with Paige Wood

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Bodycode / Hyperlight / Immune
Stendeck / Acting Like You Are Not Bleeding / Faces
Pictureplane / Totem Crackerjack / Dark Rift
---PSA (@ 8:25 in)---
Flying Skulls / Modicum Maxime Instrumental (Lotus mix) / Take Flight
Black Mold / Tetra Pack Heads / Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz
Jaga Jazzist / Lithuania (Martin Horntveth Mix) / Going Down 12"

---Email if you want tix to go see Photons this Thursday at the Starry Plough!!!!

The Gaslamp Killer / Baiafro / My Troubled Mind
Little Dragon / Constant Surprises / Little Dragon
Bjork / Charlene / Isobel Disc 1

Paige Wood Live in the Cafe!!

TM Juke / Fast Asleep / Maps from the Wilderness
Belleruche / Minor Swing / Turntable Soul Music
Vitalic / Poney Part 1 / Ok Cowboy

Bibio / S'Vive / Ambivalence Avenue
La Roux / In for the Kill / La Roux
Telefon Tel Aviv / Helen of Troy / Immolate Yourself

Monday, August 10, 2009

8/10/09 with Moldover, Rich DDT & J.Tonal

No news today folks, just an intro and award from Ross Murakmiri

We've got some very special guests in the studio, some of the evil geniuses of LoveTechSF came through and kept it so real they blew the diaphragm off the mics:

Live set by J.Tonal of the Flying Skulls
Interview with Rich DDT and J.Tonal

Live set by Moldover
Interview with Rich DDT and J.Tonal

Be sure to catch the LoveTech party this Saturday, August 15th:

LoveTech, Noisebridge, and Pyramind present
Moldover's CD Release @ Pyramind
832 Folsom St @ 4th St
Collaborative Music Technology Workshop & Interactive Art Salon!
The Flying Skulls
Unleashes his new album, performing it LIVE
His album case is a custom musical instrument!!!
$10 includes the album!

Download the episode here:

Monday, August 3, 2009

8/3/09 with Divasonic


Juvelen / Dont Mess / 1
Rebotini / The Spirit of Boogie / Music Components
Yppah / Gumball Machine Weekend / They Know What Ghost Know
Troublemaker / Tight Rope f/ Micah James / The Maestro
PSA (Thrift Stores @ :20 in)

Interview with Divasonic & Celeste Lear of Digital Bliss Records

Celeste Lear / Continental Drift / Digital Bliss Vol. 2
Costanza / In the Sun / Digital Bliss Vol. 2
Weather Pending / Perfect Weather (Divasonic Morning Sun Mix) / Digital Bliss Vol. 2
Micropixie / Alice in Stevie Wonderlond / Digital Bliss Vol. 2
Return to Mono / Caterpillar / Digital Bliss Vol. 2
Phauna / Always Here / Digital Bliss Vol. 2
Divasonic / Can of Wormz f/ Atiim Chenzira / Can of Worms Single
Celeste Lear / Here With Me f/ Hands Upon Black Earth /

PSA - Immunization Month

Blockhead / Tricky Turtle / EmerGenC Sampler
Chip Chop / Launch Blank / EmerGenC Sampler

PSA Meals on Wheels @ 1:55in

Clark / Totem Crackerjack / Totems Flare

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