Monday, December 22, 2008

Playlist 12/22/08

Puzzle and Preshish Moments in Studio!

BammaBounce / Wu-tang Slide / Balmer Loosies
Bloodysnowman / Dead Raver (Shhhhhh mix) / Bloodybuddies (Daly City Records)
FM Belfast / Frequency / How to Make Friends
Boys Noize / Lava Lava / Oi Oi Oi
Designer Drugs / Zombies!
Black Holes / WarDrums320
Glass Candy / Life After Sundown / B/E/A/T/B/O/X (Italians Do It Better)
Crystals Castles / Lovers Who Uncover (Little Ones Remix)
Faunts / Twenty-Three (Cadence Weapon Dogcatcher Remix) / Remixed
Mitsakos / Compasso / Daly City Records Presents: Baby Godzilla (Daly City Records)
Cujo / Fat Ass Joint / Adventures in Foam (Ninebar / Ninjatune)

PUZZLE live in the cafe!!!

PRESHISH MOMENTS live in the cafe!!!

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