Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Playlist 7/6/09

Steph Dub filled in for the Canary. Here's what she played:

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down/Swimming Pools/We Brave Bee Stings and All
Black Kids/I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance/Daytrotter Session
Sleater-Kinney/You're No Rock N Roll Fun/All Hands On the Bad One

PSA- Meth 8:25pm

The Coast/No Secret Why/Expatriate
Menomena/Wet and Rusting/Friend and Foe

The Arcade Fire/Rebellion/Funeral
A.C. Newman/There are Maybe Ten or Twelve/Get Guilty
Bishop Allen/Cue the Elephants/Grrr...

Maritime/Holes for Thumb Sized Birds/Heresy and the Hotel Choir
Love is All/Early Warnings/Daytrotter Session 6/24/2009
Los Campensinos!/This is How You Spell "HAHAHA We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams"/Hold on Youngster

The Juliana Hatfield/ Spin the Bottle/Reality Bites Soundtrack
The Helio Sequence/ Lately/Keep Your Eyes Ahead

PSA Women's Initiative- 9:19pm

Thao/You've Really Got a Hold on Me/Swimming Pools
Frightened Rabbit/Old Old Fashioned (Live)/ Liver! Lung! FR!
Deer Tick/Easy/Born on Flag Day

Passion Pit/Better Things/Chunk of Change
The Blow/True Affection/Paper Television
The Fire Theft/ Heaven/ Fire Theft

PSA- July- National Blueberry Month 9:52pm

The Dodos/Ashley/Visitor
Rilo Kiley/ Love and War (11/11/46)/More Adventurous
Ra Ra Riot/ Oh, La/ The Rhumb Line

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Alex said...

Once again, I really liked the show a lot. Great job, Steph. I had never heard that song by Passion Pit and now I can't stop listening to it. It feels like some heavenly space goddess is kissing my brain and all I can see are spectacular explosions of glowing light particles. Maybe that's just me. Or all the mescaline I took. But anyway, thanks!

Oh yeah, and besides that, I had a question about one of the tracks you played. It was right after Sleater-Kinney (whom I also love. Whom? Is that right?). According to this blog though, there was nothing after Sleater-Kinney except for a PSA about meth. Did I just imagine the song? While on mescaline again? I guess I've got to knock that off. But if it makes me imagine making out with space goddesses and cool songs I like, how bad can it really be?

- Alex